Monday, August 24, 2015

Pigs in Space

I mentioned that taking all these pictures of my Muppet action figures made by Palisades was making me want more of them. Well, ahem. A few things have been happening to me, so I decided to look at ebay and see what was going on in the second hand world of Muppets. I found a Pigs in Space playset going for a steal, and it is mine, all mine.

My friend Isha is annoyed at me because I didn't buy her set, but I did not realize she was selling one, and this was not a premeditated purchase.  Sorry, Isha!

This set was so cheap partly because it was not in the original box, although it had a lot of the inside packaging. This was fine by me. I don't want to pay for a box I am going to take it out of immediately.

Here it is, still attached to much of the packaging that it came with.

And look! Miss Piggy! That is one reason I decided to finally get this set- this was my favorite Miss Piggy figure made by Palisades, and therefore I did not have a Miss Piggy. (Besides, she is not my favorite character- gasp!)

Link and Strangepork were typically useless in their reactions to Miss Piggy's predicament.

Strangepork: "Oh no! The Swine Trek has been taken over by an alien plastic creature! The bridge and Miss Piggy are completely trapped in its thralls!

Link: "It's time for my lunch!"

Strangepork: "We're doomed!"

Link: "I'm hungry!"

This wasn't too bad to remove from the packaging- I had to undo about five plastic twist ties. 

I am so impressed by the playset. The sides of the playset swing open for display, and closed for storage. It is so practical and clever!

Here you can see the sides closed, as they were in the box.

Here the sides are open for display.

The doors really open, and they are spring loaded- they snap shut. This adds realism. On the other hand, to get a picture of someone coming through the door, you have to hold it open. I found that inconvenient. The doors open by pushing a tab on the top of the playset.

All of the levers move, the seats swivel, and the TV screens also swivel. The level of detail is just fantastic. Palisades never fails to impress.

The set comes with a number of pictures printed on cardboard ovals, so you can change the picture that is being shown on the viewfinder above the seats.

These are some of the spare pictures.

The set also came with a number of extra science equipment pieces. I didn't open these yet because I am afraid of losing them.

This set has any number of fun scenarios you can have the action figures enact!

The action figures can sit in their chairs. Miss Piggy is short on knee room and Link tends to slump back. I put a packing peanut behind his back to force him to sit up straight.

Strangepork: "I do apologize for your encounter with the plastic monster."

Link: "Luckily, I was there to save her."
Piggy and Strangepork: "In your dreams!"

Piggy: "Hiiiiiii-yaaaaaaa!"

The Divine Swine

Piggy's hair from behind- look out, Duchess Kate! You have competition!

Captain Link at the helm

I am very, very pleased with this playset and look forward to playing around with it more. It's a lot of fun.

Personally, I would have preferred some small Muppet-y figures- like John Cleese's parrot- as extras with this set rather than the science equipment pieces, but I am not complaining.


  1. That playset is brilliant - awesome detailing there.

    Every time I see a photos of these I think of the dramatic intro voice "Piiiiigs in Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaace"!

    1. Jerry Nelson was a brilliant announcer. :)


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