Monday, October 15, 2018

Thimbles and Acorns Minoan Wrap Skirt

I have made the Thimbles and Acorns Mioan Wrap Skirt before.

I gave that outfit away. Here is the blog post with the pictures and more information about Minoan art.

I made it again, in time for Zia and Amelia to be Minoan girls for Halloween.

I used the same fabric again, but this time I made two different outfits by reversing where the colors are used.

I will say that dressing up as a certain culture for Halloween is not always a good idea.

Here is Amelia:

And here is Zia:

They both look pretty adorable!

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Wednesday Addams Dress

Happy October 13th!

When thinking about making Halloween costumes, Wednesday Addams was one of the first things that jumped to my mind.

It turns out that the Addams Family TV show started in 1964, so it makes a perfect costume for Melody!

I used two Keepers Dolly Duds patterns for this dress.

I used the Simplicity 8314 pattern for the main dress and the Supplemental Collar pattern for the collar.

I did lengthen the pattern piece for the sleeves and make my own pattern for the cuffs.

I am getting more confident at altering doll clothes patterns!

To be exactly like the 1964 Wednesday Addams dress, I need to add a row of buttons down the front of the dress.

I don't have any on hand, so I left them off for now.

I think it's a cute and easy Halloween costume!

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Fall clothing

The dolls are changing into warmer clothing for fall.

Jess added a jacket and a pussy hat over her sundress.

She doesn't want to take the jellies off yet, though!

Kit put a sweater on over her dress.

They both look much warmer this way!

Fall is here!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Hoodies Galore!

Here is a group picture of my Hearts for Hearts dolls wearing the hoodies I have made so far from the Requiem Art Designs hoodie pattern.

Aren't they cute?

There are so many cute possibilities to make with this pattern!

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Welcome, Nanea!

I have finally added Nanea to my collection!

She is a cutie!

 Today was the first day it hasn't rained in a while, so I hurried to take pictures.
But it was so warm and humid that condescension on the camera made some of the pictures blurry!

In any case, Nanea is lovely and I am glad she is here.

Monday, October 8, 2018

Panda hoodie

This is the sixth hoodie that I have made from the Requiem Art Designs hoodie pattern.

It's a panda!

 Hearts for Hearts doll Surjan is my lovely model.

There are a lot of panda themed clothing items out there, but I think this one is super cute.

I want to make hoodies for all of my Hearts for Hearts dolls.

What is next? A polar bear? A pig?

I honestly haven't decided yet.

Some animals just won't translate well as a hoodie- turtles and seals for instance. It would be really hard to make a giraffe with its spots. Ditto Tigger and his stripes.

I have thought of a penguin, but I am not sure it would look good.

What animal would you make as a hoodie?

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Barbie Fashionista Squee

I am really liking the Barbie Fashionista line.

It is just so great that there are such diverse dolls out there.

When I was a kid, even a brunette Barbie was rare and treasured.

My sister and I LOVED any Barbie that wasn't blonde.

Albino Barbie! How cool is that?

 I love the dark skin on this one.

This one is so pretty!

I can't resist these lovey Barbies. I told myself that I am buying them for my little cousins.

That may turn out to be a lie.

Thimbles and Acorns Minoan Wrap Skirt

I have made the  Thimbles and Acorns Mioan Wrap Skirt  before. I gave that outfit away.  Here  is the blog post with the pictures and more...