Monday, October 14, 2019

Nanea at the Beach Again

 I am trying very hard to bond with Nanea, now that she has her new eyes.

That means dressing her up and taking pictures- and where else would I take them, but at the beach?

I had a great-uncle at Pearl Harbor, so Nanea's story is special to me.

In her swimsuit

I am very happy with how these pictures turned out.

Nanea's face mold is still different enough from other American Girl dolls, or something, that I don't feel bonded with her yet.
In the school dress

I think my next step in bonding-with-Nanea will be to sew her something. 
I might have to take a picture of it inside, though, because pretty soon it will be too cold for the beach!
Ready to swim!

In the mean time, she is living the good life at the beach!

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Lori doll Swing Set

Some time ago, I bought the Lori doll swing set.

I thought it would be great to display small dolls that aren't always steady on their own feet.

As it was the middle of winter, I waited to open it, and I just now got around to taking pictures.

Here is a picture of the packaging.

Here are Jun Planning Ai dolls Lawn Daisy and King Protea on the swing.

And Lawn Daisy enjoying the swing by herself.

It also fits the American Girl mini dolls!

Yup, I really like this swing and am happy to have it in my collection.

It really swings, and it came with some cute mini doll-sized lemonade in a cup and pitcher.
Perfect for hot summer days!

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Kit's Beach Photography

You know that if you took Kit to the beach, she would be snapping pictures and look for a news story. 

I know my Kit did!

Tuesday, October 8, 2019


Here are some recent pictures of Laura Ingalls in appropriately historical settings!

I gotta get the last fall pictures in before winter comes!

I took these pictures at Old World Wisconsin. This is am amazing site with many historic buildings.

The site tells the tale of immigrants to the United States, and Wisconsin in particular, and the struggles they faced.

Old World Wisconsin is huge. The buildings are spread out over the site, and it really feels like you traveled back in time.

The site includes, not just the buildings, but also period- appropriate furnishings, heritage plants and animals, beautiful gardens, and wonderful interpreters, who dress in historical garb and demonstrate skills such as cooking, animal husbandry and more.

It's a wonderful place, and much more than just a backdrop for photos!

It does, however, make a wonderful backdrop for photos as well. Ha.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Kathleen Ernst and lack of Caroline Abbot news

I went to a book signing by Kathleen Ernst this weekend.

Kathleen Ernst with my Felicity at a book signing last year

She was promoting her new book, Fiddlin' With Fate. It's part of her Chloe Ellefson mystery series. I love this series and always learn something new from reading it.

After she signed a copy of Fiddlin' with Fate for me, I pulkled out two Caroline books and asked if she could sign them for me.

She let out an audible "Awww."

I asked her if the Caroline books were going to be reissued with illustrations.

She said that she would love that because the illustrations were so beautiful, but that she had not heard anything.

 She had also not known that some of the other historical books had been reissued with illustrations.

So my guess is that we will have a long wait for more illustrated American Girl historical books.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

New American Girl mini dolls!

I love the American Girl mini dolls.

I was just reflecting that I have most of the ones I care to get.

(No Molly or Julie, but most of the others.)

AG must have heard my thought waves and laughed.

Today there is a pre-sale on the AG website for members on "Smart Girl Guide Kits" on topics such as "Digital World."

They are pricey at $45, and not interesting to me, as I don't have a kid.


Each kit come with "choice of mini doll" and the mini dolls in the photos are mini Truly Me dolls.

This is new!

This is exciting!

There are six mini dolls shown.

I hope that there are more and I hope that they are available outside of these smart girl kits.

I wonder if the clothes they are wearing are a new TM meet outfit?

I am guessing this doll is a Sonali mold.
 This looks a lot like mini Nanea to me.

Are they releasing a TM doll with the Nanea mold, or it it meant to be the Jess mold?

This is a Josefina mold, I think. She looks a lot like Blaire.

 Classic mold.
Classic mold.

I hope they are making lots of different new minis!

But that would be expensive to produce. Maybe it is just these six.
We will see!

But I hope that they do make racially diverse ones.

I am guessing Josefina mold? Or maybe Sonali. I can't really see well enough.

One of my friends thinks that they are deliberately not copying existing TM dolls, so that people won't be upset that they didn't copy all of them.

That sounds like a sound idea to me.

I am happy to see new doll ideas, but I do want a mini Jess mold!

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Mattel Toy Store in Middleton

I knew that Mattel had an outlet store of sorts in Middleton, Wisconsin, called the Mattel Toy Store.

I did not bother to go because I was told that it did not carry American Girl brand.

This year, I heard that they did indeed have American Girl brand items. Apparently, this is new.

The store is less than half a mile away from the MCM benefit sale, making it easy to visit both locations.

I went on a rainy day when I needed an adventure. I really wasn't expecting to buy anything.

The store is actually located at the American Girl offices, around the right side and towards the back.

I was truly fangirling as I pulled up and saw the official American Girl company sign.

When I went in the store, there was a display of Truly Me dolls and some outfits, and a smaller display for Wellie Wishers and Bitty Babies.

There were lots of other Mattel brands as well, including of course Barbie, Mega Contstrux, and Enchantimals.

I found that there was a second room to the left that was full of more American Girl brand items, including Truly Me, Beforever, Girl of the Year, Wellie Wishers and Bitty Babies.

I discovered that most of the price tags had prices that were about the retail cost of the items.

American Girl dolls were $115, Wellie Wishers $60, and AG outfits and Barbies were the prices I would normally expect.

THEN I found out that the items that had green price tags were half off.

The actual Truly Me AG dolls were still full price, $115.

But the Wellie Wisher dolls and all the American Girl clothes, accessories and pets were all half off.

The sales ladies chuckled when they told me this, and suggested that I might need a cart.

I was really tempted by a lot of items at half off!

I ended up getting Felicity's accessories, the lasagna set, and the Dino Mite outfit.

I also picked up a few Mix and Match items for a friend.

As to selection: there were not any boy dolls there. There were lots of moddie clothes, and lots of AG dog clothes.

There are lots of AG minis.

They had a few things for the historicals, but it was mostly the pets, and maybe the nightgown or the accessories. There were very few historical outfits.

The Barbie selection looked good to me, but I don't collect for Barbie. Almost all the Barbies were the full price you would pay at any other store.

They only had two Wellie dolls, mostly Ashlyn and a few Emersons.

I don't think I saw any actual Bitty Babies for sale, but they had some accessories and furniture for them.

There was also some AG furniture, like Nanea's and Josefina's beds..

I think some items were probably returns or items that had been damaged in transit. I saw a lot of damaged boxes.

A lot of the Truly Me items were ones that I had seen for sale on the AG website, like last year's holiday outfits.

One item that I thought was interesting was that they were selling lots of Lea's meet outfit, and also her turtle.

This picture also shows you what the green tags that indicate the half off price look like.

The store had a play area for people with kids. It was stocked with toys, both Barbie and AG, as well as a couple of other brands.

It was a fun trip, and I am glad I went.

I would recommend it, but if what you really want is a particular item, especially one for historicals or that is currently on the website, I would say this is probably not the place to go for that.

Nanea at the Beach Again

  I am trying very hard to bond with Nanea, now that she has her new eyes. That means dressing her up and taking pictures- and where e...