Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Doll Clothes with Dignity

Nethilia from American Girl Outsider was kind enough to send me a book of doll clothes patterns!
It's so sweet of her and I am thrilled.

When I looked inside the book, though, it made me angry enough to want to write about it.
It's not that I am not grateful for the book. However, some things should not be, and we are going to talk about them.

The book is very pretty, and it uses actual American Girl dolls in the illustrations. This is not common due to copyright concerns.

It has a lot of the costumes that you would expect. Some of them you can see on the cover- Southern belle, mermaid and fairy. Others include ballerina, ball gown, ladybug and super hero.

But like I said, it has problems.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

AG Trading Cards:Meet Samantha

This picture of Samantha giving her treasured doll, Lydia, to Nellie absolutely tugs at the heartstrings.

The Nellie in this illustration barely resembles the doll Nellie. They have the same hair length, and that is all.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Pattern Review: Thimbles and Acorns Prairie Rose

Thimbles and Acorns patterns cost a  little more than some pattern designers.

I think that they are truly worth the price tag. They are extremely well written and researched.
This pattern company is very special.

The  Thimbles and Acorns Prairie Rose pattern is particularly good value. It includes a historical dress design, a modern dress design, an apron pattern, and a pattern for a bonnet. Bang for your buck!

This is part of a series of patterns for Laura Ingalls. I am a huuuuuge Laura Ingalls fan, and this makes me very happy.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Pattern Review: Wren*Feathers Smock Dress

I had fun making Wren*Feathers Chatty Cathy's Smock Dress for Melody.

It went together so easily! I swear, including cutting out fabric pieces, it took like two hours to make.

Admittedly, this does not include adding velcro at the back, because I am out of velcro.

But that only adds ten minutes or so to the total.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Learning to Sew

My grandma was an accomplished sewist.

She made some beautiful clothes over the years, as well as doll clothes for my mom's dolls. None of my mom's dolls have the clothes they originally came with, only the ones that my grandma sewed for them.

She also made one, and only one, quilt during her lifetime, which is meaningful to me. Quilts are one of my specialties.

I am my grandmother's oldest granddaughter, but by the time I was old enough to learn to sew, she was in her eighties and had Parkinson's Disease. She didn't sew anymore.

I saw a picture of an elaborate Victorian era apron in the Anne of Green Gables Treasury, and decided that my grandma and I should make a doll sized version together. I didn't have a pattern or anything.

Well, I guess I was insistent enough or something, that my grandma agreed to make it with me.
It wasn't the fancy Victorian apron of my dreams, just a simple white apron tied with ribbon.

I was still very happy with it. It was the first piece of doll clothing that I successfully sewed.
(It was preceded by some failed attempts.)

My Felicity wore it for years to protect her meet dress, until I decided that the apron was getting too frail. I carefully put it away and made a newer version to replace it.

It's really special to me that we made this together. I still wish that my grandma had been able to pass her years of sewing expertise on to me. Still, we did this together.
To me, it is perfect.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Monday, March 13, 2017

Secret Snarker 2017 Part Three

I got my Secret Snarker gift! My gift giver was BeauCouer.

Her Diana is one of the best dressed 60s girls around, so my Melody was especially happy to get a gift from her!

I got Melody' accessories, Melody's mystery, and the Our Generation Believe in Pink retro accessory set!

I don't often get the accessory sets that go with the meet outfits. (I still want an official AG coral necklace for Felicity, though).

Melody's is a super special set, though, and I knew that I needed it.

Doll Clothes with Dignity

Nethilia from American Girl Outsider was kind enough to send me a book of doll clothes patterns! It's so sweet of her and I am thrille...