Monday, October 31, 2016

New American Girl Simplicity patterns!

Sorry I haven't been posting. My laptop is broken, so that is a pretty significant problem in updating the blog.

American Girl brand is releasing new patterns through Simplicity! Yay!

Pattern 8281 has pajamas!  I am so happy for the pajamas! I have been saying that there are few doll pajama patterns out there that I like. The robe with the cat ears are adorable!
 Pattern 8282 has really cute separates!
This one, 8280, has really cute holiday clothes! Squee!

The holiday clothes pattern has matching patterns for girls. This is a new idea and I think it's great. I would have loved matching clothes with my doll as a kid. I drooled over the girl-sized Felicity and Samantha dresses.

Keeper's Dolly Duds is also coming out with a pattern for '60s doll clothes, and it's amazing.
This release is a solid win for American Girl!

Thanks to Nethilia at American Girl Outsider for finding out about these patterns!

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