Sunday, December 11, 2016

Snow Good to See You Outfit

The Snow Good to See You Outfit is the current Purchase with Purchase online at American Girl.

It includes this one piece dress, a scarf, and a hat. If you buy over $50 of items, it costs $14, which is a pretty good deal.

 It does not come with shoes. I used the flats from Saige's Tunic Outfit. I must say that when I bought that outfit, I thought I'd never use the flats, and I am amazed at how often I do. They match this outfit perfectly.

The coloring of this outfit looks great on Zia!

I feel like this is cute and looks good for winter. I don't even mind the rhinestones on the sweater.

Of course, I am a sucker for anything with embroidery, so the snowflake appeals to me.

The scarf also has embroidery, but only on one end.

The scarf has a hole in the middle, to help your doll wear it. Otherwise the scarf is too short, and this also eliminates bulk, which is important with doll clothes.

I wish the scarf was longer. It has to be fairly tight against the doll's neck, which looks uncomfortable to me.

The hat is cute. I don't own many doll hats. It reminds me a bit of Grace's beret.

Overall, I think this outfit is cute, and the price is good!

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