Saturday, November 10, 2018

Faux Button Jumper 2

Here is another Faux Button Jumper for Hearts for Hearts dolls made from the Forever 18 Inches pattern.

It's really cute too!

Here is my blog with the first jumper.

After that first jumper, I stopped adding packets. Pockets in doll clothes are always amazing, but I am bad at getting things straight.

I felt that the risk of adding crooked pockets canceled out the added cuteness of having pockets.

I am super happy to have Rahel out of the outfit that she came in.

I love Rahel, but I think her outfit is pretty much a stereotype, and it bugs me.

I cut her plastic necklaces off, and then discovered that they actually unsnap in the back. Oh well.

They would never lie flat, and that annoyed me, too.

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