Sunday, November 10, 2019

Clothes for Katie

My oldest and most beloved baby doll is Katie. She is a Berjusa doll that was made in Spain, and she is very realistic. 

I was looking at Halloween clearance a few days ago, and I saw this onsie on clearance.

I then remembered that Katie fits real life baby clothes.

I had to guess at the size, but when you have been carrying a doll around for thirty years, you know how big she is in your arms. I was holding the different sizes up against me.
The 0 to 3 month size fit her well. 

I used to get a 25 cent allowance as a little girl. I would then go to garage sales with my mom and buy used baby clothes for a quarter each.

It's literally been two decades since Katie has gotten any new clothes.

It makes me so happy to see Katie in this cute onsie, even if Halloween is over.

It gets cold in the winter where I live, so it will keep her warm.

The pumpkin face even glows in the dark.

The best part? It was a $5 onsie at 90% off. It rang up at 25 cents.

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