Sunday, January 26, 2020

Geek Belle

I impulse bought this Belle action figure on clearance for $4.

I love her!

She is from Ralph Breaks the Internet, which I haven't seen yet, but clearly I need to.

I love the idea of a modern, nerdy Belle.

Belle and Moana are my favorite Disney princesses.  These girls don't need to be rescued by a prince.
They rescue themselves.

Belle is really cute. She has very narrow shoulders and wide hips, and I kind of like this different body type.

Her arms are articulated at the shoulders, elbows and wrists, but she still has rather limited movement. She can't get near to touching her face.

Her knees are not articulated, which disappointed me.

I was also disappointed that her feet are pointed. There is no reason for this. She is wearing boots, not heels.

She probably couldn't stand on her own even with flat feet, but it just seems so unrealistic.

Still, I like her face, and her hairstyle. I like that they gave her a widow's peek.

She is a fun and cute doll, and I am thinking of making her an armchair with patterned roses to sit in.

Obviously, she is not an expensive doll, and I am happy with her for the four dollars that I paid.

I am thinking of making an AG sized version of her outfit, and having Jenny wear it for Halloween.

She is definitely a different addition to my collection.

Here is as picture of Belle in the box. She can fit a hand into the pocket on the front of her shirt, but it's not easy to do.

She came with her shoes off for some reason, and a little plastic purse I didn't bother to get pictures of.

Belle is definitely a cutie!

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