Saturday, December 12, 2015

Epic Get Together

Last weekend (was it really only last weekend?) the dolls and I had an extra special treat: a visit from the girls at Isn't She Dovely?

Wrennie, Chloe, Callie and Penny were in town to participate in a marathon! Well, they really did the 5K, but I keep calling it a marathon.  And they were kind enough to meet up with me afterwards!

You can see their post about the marathon here.

I should have already posted this, but my laptop was being repaired. I did manage to post the pictures on Flickr, but that was all.

Zia, Anne, Kanani and Addy got to go meet them.

Anne is one of my oldest (she'll be 20 this Christmas! Almost old enough to vote!) and most spoiled.

 Zia is a cousin from American Girl Collectors, so she always gets to meet other forum dolls.

 Kanani is newest, and she is to my mind kind of a honorary forum cousin, because of the way the forum supported me in getting her.

Addy is the second newest, and I had promised mcooper she could meet her.

Anne and Zia had already met Wrennie, and I had met Chloe, but Penny and Callie were new friends!

And I got to meet randomtraci for the first time, which was awesome!

We took LOTS of pictures. You have been warned.

The dolls immediately made special friends. It was really cool. They have better social skills than I do!

Penny and Kanani

Zia and Wrennie

Callie and Addy

Zia, Wrennie and Anne- together again!

Chloe and Wrennie

Anne and Penny

Anne and Penny

Chloe, Kanani and Penny

Addy, Anne and Callie


I LOVE this picture of my lovely girl.
Of course, the other pictures are lovely too...
(I did say Anne was one of my most spoiled dolls)


Zia, Wrennie, Anne, Callie, Addy, Chloe, Kanani and Penny

We had so much fun, and it was such a beautiful day. I am really thankful to have had this fun time together.


  1. We had so much fun!! You and your girls were so nice to us :) and Wrennie was so glad to see Zia and Anne again!


    1. It was really, truly wonderful! Can't wait to do it again!


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