Friday, November 27, 2015

Meet Kanani

Sooo, this is kind of epic. I have a Kanani! And her story is just as epic.

On November 22, Galaxy AG posted an auction for a really cheap, mislabeled Kanani auction on ebay that was ending that night. I called dibs on it. Everyone on the forum was really supportive, even those who wanted a Kanani themselves. Our forum is so awesome like that.

The auction price was rising rapidly at the end, but I won it at what was a great price for Kanani.

Then I just had to wait for her to arrive.

My family was out of town for Thanksgiving. My mom, my brother and I were supposed to stay there until Sunday. My dad was coming back today, so I wasn't worried about Kanani being left outside.

Due to unexpected events, we came back today (Friday). We got in at 5 p.m. No Kanani. I checked the tracking number. Out for delivery. Weird. 

So I settled down in the living room. My guinea pig was having hysterics of joy that I was home, and I wanted to keep an eye on the front door. The doorbell rang at 6:45 p.m. We have NEVER gotten the mail this late. It is usually between 12 and 3.

So she's here! She was naked in the box, but she actually came with her swimsuit, Jess' meet skirt, and what looks like off-brand black flats. 

Kanani has an adorable head tilt. Her hair is a little dry. Her limbs are a bit loose, but I can fix that. (Thanks, mcooper!) She has a hair cut, but I knew that, and it is kind of cute.

It is dark, so picture taking was a challenge. I did my best.

I am so excited that she is here!


Meg and Kirsten Again

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