Monday, March 21, 2016

Lea at the Jewel Box

I had a really cool photo opportunity- to photograph a doll at the location on the cover of her book!

Lea is pleased to show you around the Jewel Box. The Jewel Box is a greenhouse from 1920. It is located in Forest Park in St. Louis. It is really lovely. Lots of people have weddings there!

This picture gives you a view of mini Lea from the back. Her hair is in a loose ponytail and it has highlights just like the full-sized doll.

There are lots of flowers inside the Jewel Box! It reminds Lea of Brazil. 

Mini Lea can stand on her own, but she comes with clear rubber bands on her feet, to keep her shoes from coming off. It is hard to get her to stand unless you remove those rubber bands first.

The shoes look like they would stay on without the rubber bands, though.

I like that Lea's book cover is here. It is a lovely and lesser known ST. Louis landmark, and it is perfect for someone with an interest in photography!

This is such a beautiful and fun place for Lea to visit! She can't wait to come again!


  1. That's an interesting site - I've been to St Louis a couple of times, but it's new to me. Something to check out the next time!

    1. It's a really cool place. It is near to the zoo. It is easy to get lost in Forrest Park!


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