Friday, August 10, 2018

AG Doll Beds

I currently have three American Girl Doll beds.

In a weird way, this is more of a luxury to me than the dolls.

I had two dolls as a kid, and I treasured them, and I saved money for ages to buy the second doll myself. I also saved money to buy most of the clothes that they had.

But as a kid, I couldn't even dream of owning any of the furniture for them.My focus was on the dolls and the clothing.

The three doll beds that I own are Addy's bed, Molly's yellow bed and Melody's bed.

Molly's yellow bed is kind of my favorite. It's so cheerful and cute! I could also see it working for modern dolls.

Which is good, because I don't own Molly and don't want to.

However, in my opinion, Molly's bed has two drawbacks.
First of all, it's really hard to put together. I, an adult human of planet Earth, could not put this bed together.
I had to ask my mother.
This was crushing to my psyche.

Second of all, it's yellow. I like yellow! It's one of my favorite colors.
But I do sew doll quilts. I like doll beds that will display my quilts. This bed would undoubtedly clash with some of my dolls quilts, though not all.

Melody's bed is awesome! It is so sturdy and easy to put together.
It only took two screws, and I put it together myself, thank you very much.
It's so heavy I could imagine a toddler climbing on it and damaging it not a whit.
Not that you should encourage a toddler to do so.

My complaint about Melody's bed are the two orange and blue plaid sliding panels. If they were brown like the rest of this bed, I would like the bed a whole lot more.
This bed will clash with even more of my quilts than Molly's yellow bed. Orange is not my favorite color.

My third bed is Addy's bed. I like the quilt.
I also like that this bed looks like a wooden bed. Hallelujah. I wish AG would make more beds that are a wooden brown color or neutral colors. Perfect for showing off doll quilts.
Or even Samantha's brass bed would work for me, except that it rusts. That's a major bummer.

Addy's bed is also easy to put together. Four screws. It is slightly more difficult than Melody's but still one I can do on my own.

Addy's bed is more fragile, however, Too much weight could make the ropes that hold the mattress up break.
Don't let your possibly imaginary toddler climb on this one.

So yeah, my main bed criteria are how easily one can put it together and the neutrality of the colors.
AG has a LOT of pink beds. I'm not saying I wouldn't buy one at a really bargain price, but they don't tempt me like a nice neutrally colored bed.

They are all cute, however.

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