Monday, October 14, 2019

Nanea at the Beach Again

 I am trying very hard to bond with Nanea, now that she has her new eyes.

That means dressing her up and taking pictures- and where else would I take them, but at the beach?

I had a great-uncle at Pearl Harbor, so Nanea's story is special to me.

In her swimsuit

I am very happy with how these pictures turned out.

Nanea's face mold is still different enough from other American Girl dolls, or something, that I don't feel bonded with her yet.
In the school dress

I think my next step in bonding-with-Nanea will be to sew her something. 
I might have to take a picture of it inside, though, because pretty soon it will be too cold for the beach!
Ready to swim!

In the mean time, she is living the good life at the beach!

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