Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Bye Lo Baby

 I fell down the rabbit hole a while ago when someone posted a cute antique baby doll on Facebook.

I researched the kind of doll, and looked at ebay, and I found a doll for only $10 plus shipping.

This doll was not in perfect condition, she had no eyes. 

I looked up the process of replacing the eyes, and felt that it was something I could do.

Well, who among us has not stress bought something during the pandemic?

So I bought the doll.

She is  a Bye Lo Baby. She was designed by Grace S. Putnam, a single mom trying to support her family.

The doll is probably from the 1920s. She's contemporary with my grandma's childhood.

In fact, my grandma once said that for Christmas "one year I got a little china headed doll that I loved." 

I wish I had pressed her for more details. It would be cool to think that she had a Bye Lo Baby.

As you can see, she does have eye now. I didn't want to share what she looked like without eyes. 

I had hoped that her original eyes had fallen back in her head and I could replace them.

Her eyes were in fact inside her head, but one of the eyes was smashed.

Rather than tracking down the right size of antique sleep eyes, I decided to put glass BJD eyes in her head.

They aren't sleep eyes, they aren't original, but at least I can enjoy her with eyes.

This would be easy to replace if I wish to, also. They aren't glued in place or anything, just held in place with silicone ear plugs.

I have also considered putting brown eyes in instead.

Right now, I am just enjoying her as she is. 

I doubt that I am going to start collecting antique dolls, but it's amazing to hold this doll in my arms and think that she is 100 years old.

It's the same interest in history that attracted me to American Girl dolls.

She fits in our family antique baby rocker like she was made for it.

I love her long, vintage gown.

I think I am going to name her Clara.

Welcome to the doll family, Clara!


  1. She reminds me a little of Newborn Miss Peep (I mean that as a compliment, of course). The BJD eyes look quite nice in her head, much better than empty sockets! You did well.

  2. Thanks! I had to look up Newborn Miss Peep, she's very cute!


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