Thursday, March 25, 2021

Hearts for Hearts Doll Dell

 Every once in a while, I buy a doll or doll accessory and set it aside to open on a day when I really need a perk-me-up.

I bought Hearts for Hearts Dell when Target was carrying the Hearts for Hearts dolls, two or three years ago. They only had Rahel and Dell in stock, and I already had Rahel.

I was curious to see what the reissued Heats for Hearts dolls were like, and there was a coupon to use on one toy from the toy section.

So I got Dell, and I just opened her this week.

Hearts for Hearts dolls seem to have gone back into retirement again. I really wish they had issued Syrian doll Aya first. I loved the pictures of Aya from Toy Fair.

Here are the pictures of Dell's box:

And here is Dell!

I hadn't realized her eyes were so teal. They are beautiful.

She has such an interesting face. Dell looks almost sweet and sulky at the same time.

I hate camo, so I immediately threw her hat into a drawer.

I love her shoes and blouse, though.

Dell was never one of my high priorities to collect from Hearts for Hearts. She's the only white doll that I own from this line.

Still, I am glad that I got her when I did. She and Nyesha are the only Hearts for Hearts dolls that I own from the second release, and they are just as nicely made as the first release dolls.

I should try to take a group picture soon.


  1. Have any of your Hearts for Hearts dolls' eyes turned colors? I've heard horror stories about these dolls and their eyes that turn grape juice purple with time, but I haven't seen it with my Mosi yet. How are your girls faring?

    I just love Dell! She actually would've been my pick if I could've found her...but I couldn't. You've got a good one.

    1. My H4H dolls all have their original eye color. I have read that it was only the very first H4H dolls produced that have the eye issue, so hopefully mine are all safe.


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