Sunday, April 26, 2015

Introducing Palisades Muppets

I meant this blog to be all dolls, but I can't help but brag about the wonderful and lovely Muppet action figures made by Palisades. They are extraordinary.

Any Muppet fan worth his salt can tell you that there are many ugly Muppet toys out there. If you don't believe me, have a look at the annual Tough Pigs Ugly Toy Parade. Go ahead, I will wait.


Palisades really went the extra mile to get good likenesses.

I am going to start with Kermit. Everyone knows Kermit, and he was one of the first figures Palisades made.

Kermit is fairly simple, but really good. He features texturing, so that the action figure resembles the foam of the puppet. His eyes actually coordinate and look at you. He has a neutral-yet-subtly-smiling facial expression. He stands on his own.

He can move his arms and turn his head. Those skinny limbs did not allow Palisades to add joints.

Next, by association of ideas, we have the Jim Henson figure. This is the Muppet, not the human, from the Country Band trio. He was a special release, and he came with a banjo and a director's seat.

He has marvelous details, including a leather fringe that is very convincing. He has a lot more joints than Kermit, and is very easy to pose. The biggest problem I have with this figure is getting the banjo to stay in its strap.

Another figure with amazing details is Uncle Deadly, the phantom of the Muppet theater. And how amazing is is that there even is an Uncle Deadly figure? He is not one of the Muppets who first comes to mind, even after his starring role in The Muppets.

*maniacal laugh*

Like Kermit, most of his posing is in his head and arms. He does have elbow joints. And he stands like a rock!

Last, but not least, the Great Gonzo. He is so spot on. His eyes and nose are just perfect. I remember Palisades saying how difficult it was to get the color of his nose correct.  He is a very poseable little guy, too. 

And this is just the beginning- I have many more Muppet Palisade figures to share with you! 

*maniacal laugh*

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