Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Parading at the Park

Hmm, dolls. I DID start this blog to talk about dolls.

Okay, then.

I really love the Ai dolls. They are cute and small and poseable and they can use accessories from both the Muppet Palisades action figures and my dollhouse.  That is a winning combination!

Plus, one of my friends also collects Ai dolls. It is fun to get together and take pictures. We did that at the park not long ago.

Our daredevils had to explore the train tracks.

Some of them did some climbing.

Others preferred to enjoy nature.

They did a homage to the Baby Carrot Jockeys cake at Cake Wrecks. 

And at least one fell asleep during the photo shoot.
It was a long day!

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