Saturday, May 16, 2015

AGC Mini Quilt-A-Long

I am a member at American Girl Collectors, and we are having a Mini Quilt-A-Long. led by the wonderful member Woodbines. Every month she posts directions for two mini quilt blocks.

At the end of twelve months, we will have enough blocks for a doll quilt!

Or two in my case, I am making two of each block.

May is the second month of this Quilt-A-Long so far.

Here are all of my blocks to date.

I am using a scrappy color scheme.

 This is the Broken Dishes block,

This is is the Pinwheel block.

This is the Road to Arkansas block.

This is the Pennsylvania block.

And nine patches!

Although I have made doll quilts before, this Quilt-A-Long is giving me the courage to work with even tinier pieces than before. I am really loving this and can't wait to make next month's blocks!


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