Thursday, May 14, 2015

River Song

River is here!

Her hair IS very red, which is a little disappointing. It looked brown in the online maker. But at least it is gloriously curly!

She is VERY pose-able. 

She was very glad to get her hands on a gun. I found this one by searching ebay for 1/6 scale toy guns. It came with a holster and is just right for a Silence-trained assassin.

One thing I was surprised about was just how light she is. She is much lighter than some of my dolls of similar size.

River met an alien while exploring. Luckily, she is used to this kind of situation (she married an alien, after all!) and they quickly made friends. 

It was really hard to get her to sit- her legs won't go straight out in front of her and she had to sit on something- and I could not get her to kneel at all.

Her shoes are 3 D printed as well, and they don't stay on her feet well,

Also, I ordered a set of shoes to come with her, and those are the ones she is wearing. I think she was supposed to come with a pair of shoes of her own, in addition to the extras that I ordered, but she did not.

Another flaw is that her eyes are held in place with an eye mechanism, and one of her eyes slipped out of place within the eye mechanism when I was showing her to someone yesterday. He was taking pictures, she had one eye crooked, and it was making me crazy.

Overall, I am very pleased with her. For a more detailed review of Makies, I highly recommend the Toybox Philosopher. 


  1. She's really cute! Is her wig removable? It would be neat if you could find her another wig that was closer to what you wanted and have the option of switching back.

    1. It is removable. It seems to be lightly glued on. I will definitely keep an eye out for another wig, but I suspect the perfect one will be elusive.


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