Friday, May 1, 2015


On the Muppet Show, Kermit occasionally visited the Planet Koozebane and interviewed the aliens who lived there.

In one interesting interview, Kermit was able to film the mating ritual of the male and female Koozebanes, the Galley-oh-hoop-hoop.

Palisades made a Reporter Kermit figure that came with Koozebane figures. I did not buy this figure, but someone who only wanted the Kermit mailed me the Kooozebanes, and, I think, Rowlf's piano.

Here we have the Galley-oh-hoop-hoop!

Here is the whole happy family.

The Galley-oh-hoop-hoop always makes me laugh, and I am so happy to have these figures. 

The baby is especially adorable.

The male and female Koozebanes can move their arms: the baby is all one piece.

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