Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Barbie dress for Makies

I was looking at the Lori dolls at Target when I saw that Barbie had some individual clothes on sale.

Some of these individual outfits were as low as 2.99, others were I think 5.99.

One of these dresses caught my eye. The style seemed very much like something River Song would wear. The color- which was bright pink- not so much. But at 2.99, what did I have to lose?

And it turns out to be a solid win. The outfit fits River like it was made for her. The dress is of course longer on her than it would be on Barbie. I like that, it is more elegant. I would like it even better if it reached her ankles.

The color of course is still  problematic for River. She is ashamed that she even has shoes that match this. Her story is that she is on disguise as she carries out a spy mission for the Doctor.

I might consider dying the dress, but I don't think the mesh on the top would take the dye well, and I don't want the color to rub off on the doll. Sewing that material at this tiny size is also out of my skill set, so I can't copy it. I guess River is stuck with the dress as it is!


  1. Well heck! She is on a mission. She needs something different to fool them. "Isn't that River over there?" "Who, her? No way. River would never wear that pink! And shoes to match?! Don't be silly."


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