Monday, September 21, 2015

Mini Lori dolls

The target brand Our Generation has really been upping its game lately. They are really grabbing my attention with the new mini Lori dolls.

I do not like the face of the 18 inch Our Generation dolls, but when they came out with the minis I thought they were really cute, despite having very similar faces.

I immediately went out and got one of the minis- and never de-boxed her. *hangs head in shame*

But now they have a new line of minis, the Lori dolls. The Lori dolls look the same as the Our Generation minis, but they have different packaging and different options.

The most exciting change is that the Lori dolls include dolls of color. Yay!

Here are the boxes of the three dolls I bought. I think Tama is Asian, and Cyarra is African American. They have the same face molds as Lana, who is white and an original Our Generation mini. They could improve by having separate face molds.

The Our Generation box is the smallest, Lori doll Cyarra's is the next biggest, and Lori doll Tama's is the biggest. However, all the dolls are the same size. I think it would be more environmentally friendly to have them all in a smaller box like Lana.

The ballet Lori dolls like Cyarra are 9.99. The Lori dolls in street clothes like Tama are 11.99. There are also deluxe dolls that come with a pet for 15.99. Extra outfits are also sold separately for 5.99. I am an old fuddy dud and none of the clothed appeal too much to me, including the clothes that come on the dolls.

I meant to open all three dolls for this review- but it just seemed too fancy to open three dolls at one time. I decided to stretch out the enjoyment and opened Tama first.

I should point out that I went to a second Target to get Cyarra. At the first Target, one Cyarra had a crooked eye, and another had an air bubble at the end of her nose. I am not super picky, but these things annoyed me too much.

I did need scissors to open the box, despite the lack of plastic.

Here is Tama with the outer box taken off. I still needed scissors to get her completely out of the box- there were strings and elastic bands holding her in.

The blurb on the back of the box.

And here she is! Her hair is so silky, I loves stroking it. It feels like it is a nice quality and will not tangle easily. I will be sewing her a new skirt, LOL. 

I didn't realize she came with this little purse thing. It was behind her in the box. If this is why the street clothes dolls are two dollars more than the ballet dolls, it is so not worth it. It looks cheap and easy to lose,

Here she is with two American Girl doll minis. Kirsten is one of the oldest AG minis with inset eyes. Cecile is the style of mini doll that came next, with cloth body and painted eyes. I do not yet have one of the newest style mini with a plastic body.

Tama and Cecile are the same height. Mini Kirsten is smaller.

Tama looks good with the more expensive AG minis. Her limbs are looser, but none of these dolls can stand on her own, so I can't see that it matters much.

Her arms are also longer, but it doesn't look awkward or disproportionate. It might be a problem with sharing clothes.

In this picture with their tops off, you can see the biggest difference- the way their heads are connected. Mini Kirsten has a nearly invisible seam at the neck. Cecile has a more raised seam at the neck. Tama has the most raised seam at the neck. I looked at the dolls in the store and tried to pick out one with a less prominent neck seam, but there was not much variation.
However, her sweater does a great job of hiding this when it is on. Not all of the Lori doll clothes do as good a job of hiding that annoying neck seam. This is my biggest peeve with these dolls.

The Lori dolls are really a great deal for the money.

The Lori dolls also do an outstanding job with the accessories. There are extra outfits, a car, a dollhouse and a ballet studio. This really makes them stand out.

I think that the Lori dolls are actually offering solid competition for the American Girl mini dolls, especially at the much lower prices. It will be interesting to see if American Girl decides to respond by expanding their options for the minis.

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