Sunday, May 1, 2016

Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio

I am a huge fan of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Mini Lea and I got to tour his home and studio in Oak Park, Illinois recently. It is really beautiful. It is somewhat atypical of his style, as he was experimenting. Many of the elements in this home can be found in his lovely Prairie Style homes. And there are lots of Prairie Style homes to see, just around the corner!

It was a fun outing.

Mini Lea's shoe fell off when I was taking her in and out of my pocket, but luckily it stayed inside the pocket. I guess the shoe is less secure than I thought.


  1. Saw these a few years ago! So cool, did you take the inside tour?
    I have lost tiny doll shoes several times, grrr

    1. I did take the tour, for the second time, actually. It's definitely a treat!


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