Monday, May 30, 2016

Kanani's Swimsuit

I remember when American Girl came out with their first swimsuit for modern girls. I am not sure off the top of my head if it was before or after Samantha's swimsuit, which was the first swimsuit for historical dolls, but it was around the same time.

I was really excited, because mt best friend, who also loved AG at the time, was on a swim team. I thought she would be thrilled.

To my surprise, she was not. She thought it was silly to have a swimsuit for dolls when the dolls could not go in the water.

I had to agree she had a point.

So I did not buy a doll swimsuit at the time, and I have not owned one until now.

Kanani came with her swimsuit and Jess's skirt. It was a nice bonus, but not too exciting to me at the time.

I decided to do something with it though, and put her in the swimsuit and took her to the beach.

She is so adorable in it! She really looks like a little girl ready to play in the waves.

Super, super adorable.

I am totally won over.

I probably would still not like a doll bikini, because the tags on the side of the doll would show, but otherwise I am un-Scrooged.


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