Thursday, February 16, 2017

Welcome back, Felicity!

Today, Felicity Merriman is back from retirement.

Felicity is my First Arrival, and I am so glad that she is back.

Samantha was the first American Girl that I loved, but then Felicity was released. I decided that she was my true love.

I loved her long hair and her long, beautiful dresses. I loved her stories, too, and I learned to love her historical period.

So this Felicity is one of the first Felicity dolls made, within the first year of her release. She is old enough to vote.

It's very easy to tell that she is an older doll. She has light green eyes that I think are absolutely beautiful. She has soft vinyl, red eyelashes and the chubbier body that all Pleasant Company dolls share.

Sadly, Felicity also has loose elastic and very dry hair. Even though I was very, very careful with her, her hair went dry and frizzy within her first year. I was relieved when I heard that this is a common problem with the very old dolls and that it wasn't my fault.

I would never send her in to the doll hospital, but I debate about whether I should replace her wig.

The velcro on her dress and the elastic in her chemise have largely given out as well.

Felicity was my first American Girl doll, and for three years, she was my only doll until Anne joined us.

Felicity and Anne had a long stint as my only two AG dolls.

They have a lot of company now, but they are still very special to me!

I am so glad that she is out of retirement, and hope that the little girls of today love her as much as I do!

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