Tuesday, February 28, 2017

AG Trading Cards: Meet Molly

This trading card features an illustration from Meet Molly
It shows Molly and Susan dumping laundry out of a window onto Ricky, Jill and two others. 

I am not going to name them here because it would spoil the question on the back of the card!

The back of the card says:

"Molly, Linda and Susan got back at Ricky for playing a mean trick on them. They dumped all his underwear and dirty laundry onto Jill and the girl Ricky had a crush on.

What was the name of the girl that Ricky had a crush on? To find out, change each letter to the one that comes before it in the alphabet:


Answer: Dolores

This is not one of my favorite AG moments, to be honest. I had siblings, and naturally we tortured each other, but the pranks that Molly and Ricky played on each other were really mean spirited.


  1. This AG moment makes me laugh so hard:P That being said, I agree, it was a little (okay, a lot) mean-spirited. I personally would never, ever do this to my sibling, even if she was being a giant pain. Anyways...


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