Monday, April 24, 2017

Addy's Wardrobe: Addy's Christmas Dress

 Addy's Christmas dress is a very important one in her story.

Momma makes the dress for a rich customer, who returns it and shouts at Momma because the dress no longer fits, due to her daughter's growth.  Momma's employer re-sews the dress so that it fits Addy and gives it to her for Christmas.

Not only does the dress have an important story, it is particularly beautiful. It is a must- have for Addy's wardrobe. Since Addy's retirement seems to be eminent, I made sure to purchase it.

In fact, I had to buy it twice, because the first time I bought it, it got lost in the mail.

Here is a back view of the dress. I didn't realize that the back of the sash had a fringe. It's heavy and gives the dress a luxurious feel.

These first two pictures are of  Addy's dress without the hoops underneath it. I decided that I needed to take pictures with her hoops on as well.

Here is Addy with her hoop on underneath the skirt. The hoop holds her skirt out nicely. I think this dress looks amazing with or without the hoop.

I think this dress is definitely a must-have for Addy!

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