Friday, April 7, 2017

Vintage Doll- Linda

This is another one of my mom's dolls. Her name is Linda.

My mom had two cousins named Louise and Linda, and she named two of her dolls after them. The doll named Louise did not survive to my own childhood.

Linda is I think meant to be a baby doll that you can feed with a bottle. There is a gap between her lips that seems to be meant for a bottle.

She has sleep eyes and her limbs can be moved up and down in a circle. They hold a pose well.

Her hair is not soft at all and not pleasant to touch. It's kind of like toothbrush bristles.

The dress she is wearing was also made by my grandmother. None of the original store dresses belonging to my mom's dolls survived.

My sister and I enjoyed playing with Linda as kids and she is a very sturdy doll.

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