Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Create Your Own American Girl

It's no longer just a rumor- American Girl is creating a line of customizable dolls!

It's been a complaint from fans for a long time, that most people seem to think that American Girl allows you to design your own dolls.

This has not been true- until now!

We don't know for sure when the line will be released. There are lots of rumors that it is being delayed due to website issues.

But it really is happening!

There is a page for the dolls on the official American Girl website now.

There is even a video, with somewhat badly designed mock ups of the possible dolls!

It is time to get excited!

Lissie and Lily has an amazing break down of the available options for the custom dolls!

I do not have a doll design in mind, but I am definitely looking forward to seeing the dolls that others create.

It is very exciting that you can now get a medium skinned Jess mold! There are so many pretty Kanani customs out there.

The price seems fair to me, too.

I am definitely excited for the release of this line!


  1. Thanks for the video link. I hadn't seen it. Interesting that the girls in the video are a bit older.. not 2nd graders for sure. I'm excited about this prospect and I hope they can pull it off! I'm going to watch at the sidelines to start.


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