Sunday, July 23, 2017

More MCM comments

I found out today that the MCM benefit sale had arranged for alternate parking elsewhere in the business park where the warehouse is. Shoppers were expected to park there and take the shuttle to the warehouse.

I would have LOVED to do this, but alas, they did not share that information in a way that actually reached me.

The information was in an e-mail sent out the day before the sale, and I read it the day after the sale.

I did not see any signs informing people of this parking opportunity.


The items that I bought were:

JLY 62

Lea's Celebration Dress

mini Special Edition Kaya

Melody's Peplum Dress

Melody's Bedtime Accessories

Samantha's Lemonade Pitcher

I will be writing more detailed posts on all of these items.

I read that at some point, they started selling Melody's Bedtime Accessories without the radio.

I opened mine up, and it does have the radio! Yay!

I have also been told that the Costco food court was really crowded later on in the day, so I was lucky that I was the only one ordering food when I was there.

That Costco is apparently really popular and needs more parking, though.

Overall, I think I was really lucky to have the experience that I did at MCM.

I am crossing my fingers that my luck holds next year!

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