Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Warm Winter Accessories

I bought the Warm Winter Accessories during a recent American Girl sale.

Astrid is happy to model them for us!

I was very pleased with this purchase.

I feel that the set is very on-trend with what people are wearing, at least where I live, and it is cute and well-made.

It is also not too pink!

I thought that the little knit tube pieces were wristlets- but they have thumb holes, so I guess they are fingerless gloves.

The hat is adorable. My favorite piece, however, is the vest. It looks just like a full sized vest and is lined with fleece. It looks so warm!

It does bother me that I couldn't find a long sleeved shirt for poor Astrid to wear under the vest, but she didn't seem to mind. I am sure one will turn up in time for another doll to model this soon.

This is a nice set and I am very pleased with it for the price I paid. I want to add more winter clothing for the dolls to wear to my collection.

I probably would not have paid the full price for it, however. I usually feel that if I am paying over $20, I better be getting a whole outfit.

My dolls are very happy this went on sale so they can stay warm this winter!

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