Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Dolly Day Care at MCM

This information is listed on the MCM website. I had not heard of it before and thought it was interesting.

However, I do not think it is a good idea to bring dolls you already own to MCM.
It's too chaotic, and you need free hands. I would not want to trust my dolls to strangers, either.
If I HAD to bring a doll I already own, I would leave her in the car.

"Dolly daycare will be available for any doll-friends you bring from home.

Because the warehouse is full of dolls and merchandise, any dolls you bring from home cannot be brought into the warehouse (we definitely wouldn't want to get confused and charge you for a doll you've already bought!) You will be able to drop your dolls off at our dolly daycare on-site, (pictured here), where they can hang out with other dolls and wait to see what new friends, fashions, and goodies you've bought them! The dolly daycare is staffed by our marvelous volunteers, who will take good care of your friends while you shop."

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