Monday, July 23, 2018

MCM Purchases

 Here are my major purchases at MCM this year. Not much this year!

 I got three minis- Nanea, Felicity and  Gabriela.

In my opinion, Gabriela is definitely the cutest of the three.
This mini Felicity is not going to replace my original glass-eye Felicity, but I like the new dress so I picked her up.

I also got Melody's pajamas, Maryellen's crinoline, and some purple pajamas.

 Here are the three minis hanging out on Melody's bed.
This bed is so easy to put together. It's 100% easier than Molly's yellow bed. I had to get help for that one.
A close up!

I didn't like the colors of Melody's bed. But I had a head stand just like this on my bed in the 80s. Only difference is, it was painted white. I may try to paint this one. But what's not to love about a head stand that you can store books in? Seriously.

I will take pictures of the dolls in the new clothes when I can!


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