Thursday, October 25, 2018

Felicity's Wardrobe: Felicity's Work Dress

Here is a Throwback Thursday for you: Felicity's work dress.

I love this dress. I know that no one is going to open the catalog and buy the work dress first thing.

The first dress I bought for Felicity was in fact her Christmas dress.

I like the work dress for several reasons, though.

I like the colors. It's a very subtle pattern, but I think it's a very pretty shade of green and the other colors harmonize nicely with it.

I also liked the sense of realism that it gave to her collection. It makes so much sense that Kirsten and Felicity and Addy needed work dresses. They didn't have washing machines, so they needed to keep their nice dresses as clean as possible and not get food or dirt on them.

The work dress came with several pieces: a mob cap, an apron and a shawl.

The mob cap has a green ribbon to match the dress.

Here is a back view

This is not the most glamorous item in Felicity's wardrobe, but I do love it.

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