Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Pattern Review: Keepers Dolly Duds 1930s Playsuit

I am delighted that Keepers Dolly Duds has been adding new patterns lately.

I haven't gotten the new 1950s Circle Swirl Dress yet.

I did get the delightful 1930s Playsuit.

It is different from the playsuit AG made for Kit, which is a good thing if you want Kit to have a diverse collection.

I am a sucker for sailor collars. Also Peter Pan collars.

I have some younger cousins who have Kit and Ruthie, so I was excited to make this pattern for them.

I made the first one in purple and blue.

I know this is a rotten picture, but you can at least see the playsuit clearly.

I altered the pattern slightly to not use elastic at the sleeves.

I don't have any one hand and the thing is that elastic goes bad eventually.

Next I made this playsuit in red, white and blue. This one is my favorite of the two.

I hope that my cousins enjoy these!

I am going to make a blue and white playsuit, gather the shorts at the bottom, and call it a Victorian swimsuit for Samantha. It will be for another cousin, who has Samantha.

I think it will be close enough to Samantha's Bathing Costume for play purposes. I can make an over skirt as well.

This pattern is slightly similar to the 1960s Gym Suit made by Wren Feathers, with a different collar and sleeves, if you are looking for a free alternative.

Here is a link to my blog post when I made that pattern.

Here is a link to the original Wren Feathers pattern.

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