Thursday, March 19, 2020

Two Pattern Reviews!

I made two doll clothes patterns in a hurry last night.

Requiem Art Designs released a free pattern for doll sized face masks. You can find the pattern here.

Knowing that my library has an American Girl doll that can be checked out, I thought it would be nice to make her a face mask, and we could put pictures on social media of the doll modelling socially responsible behavior during the pandemic.

BUT if we were going to put the doll on social media, I should hurry up with a project from my back burner list, and make her a T-shirt with the library logo on it.

Luckily, I had all the items that I needed to make this happen, including a T-shirt with the library logo on it that I could cut up.

I used the Liberty Jane Baseball T-shirt pattern for the T-shirt. This pattern is on Pixie Faire.

Knowing that this doll is a chubby Pleasant Company doll and that the Liberty Jane patterns are tight, I added space in the front and back of the T-shirt.  Good thing that I did, it fits her perfectly, although the sleeves are a little tight.

As soon as I finished sewing, my neighbor texted me with the news that my library is closing, possibly until the end of May.

Today is the last day that we are open. It's stressful.

My co-workers are delighted with the doll's new wardrobe.  We have been taking lots of pictures to post on social media, and it's giving everyone a much-needed smile.

We have decided to name the doll Wilhelmina, as the school mascot is named Willie Warhawk.

I think she is a Girl of Today #14, also known as Just Like You #14, whatever you call the modern line of AG dolls.

A note on the mask pattern: I used bias tape to hold the mask on the doll's head, as I had it on hand, but it makes the sides of the mask stand out from her face a little bit. I think very thin elastic would be better.

Wilhelmina also practices social distancing from the library's stuffed tiger, Arthur:

This may be the last blog post I write for a while, as I do not have Internet at home.
Stay safe, everyone!


  1. Oh, how adorable! I ought to make masks for my girls, since they too work in the public. I'm sorry that your library is closing; mine is still open for now, but I'm wondering how long that'll last! Stay safe and God bless!


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