Monday, June 7, 2021

Baby Furniture

 I ended up writing a shorter post than planned about the Caring for Baby set because I could tell it was going to be too long.

I have some furniture for small baby dolls that I hoped would fit the AG baby.

The first one is the beautiful baby doll cradle made by my Aunt Ella Mae.

The actual cradle was bought by my cousin Jackie on his travels, and Aunt Ella Mae decorated it with ribbon and lace.

The reason I actually have the Corolle Les mini Calins Rose is because I was always looking for a baby doll that looked nice and would fit the cradle. The Corolle baby was my favorite doll that I found that fit the cradle.

Both the AG baby and the Corolle baby fit the cradle well.

The cradle is low to the ground, so it might not look as good with an 18 inch AG doll in the shot, unless it was sitting on the ground.

Next is a Moses basket that came with the Bouncin' Baby. Unfortunately, it only fits the Bounin' Baby and does not fit the AG baby.

Then there is a walker for the Bouncin' Baby. It's a little small for the AG baby, but she does fit in it.

You can see more pictures of a Bouncin' Baby walker on the Confessions of a Dolly Lover blog.

Last but not least is the Bouncin' Baby rocking horse.

It fits both the Bouncin' Baby and the AG baby.
Unfortunately, the plastic is a little yellowed from age. I am not sure why this aged worse than the walker, they are both the same age and have been kept in the same conditions.

I know a lot of people have been finding 8 inch baby accessories that work well with the AG baby. It's nice to know that there are more fun things for the baby to play with!

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