Tuesday, June 1, 2021

A Reading Binge

 Here is Anneliese with all of the books that I got recently from Laura's Little Loot!

I love reading, and I am so excited to have these favorites from Laura's Little Loot.

Most of her mini books are first editions that include full text, when permissible by copyright laws.

All the wonderful books!

I will likely never own a L. M. Montgomery first edition, but thanks to Laura's Little Loot, I own three first editions from the Anne series in miniature! 

I always preferred A Little Princess as a kid, but now that I have a garden of my own, A Secret Garden is becoming more of a favorite!

And Fantastic Beasts, with Harry's signature on the front!

I am so happy with these books.

I don't take pictures of my mini books as often as I should, but they make me so happy.

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