Saturday, April 29, 2023

Pattern Review: Keeper's Dolly Dud's Spring Dirndl, Wellie Wisher Size

 This doll was a thrift store find.

She is the Russian doll from the Dolls of Nations series, designed by Helen Kish, and was sold in Target in 1996.

Helen Kish also designed the American Girl Girls of Many Lands series. She's a very talented and prolific doll designer.

So I thought this doll was worth picking up at $2. She is 12 inches tall, but she fits Wellie Wisher clothes perfectly.

Unfortunately, the outfit that she comes in resembles something made by a 1980s Maria von Trapp on drugs.

The boots were particularly bad- they were made of fabric like Kirsten's boots, but a thick seam along the bottom did bad things to the doll's balance.

I found a new pair of boots that fit this doll on a porcelain doll at the thrift store.

Then I made her a new dirndl, based on the traditional outfit worn by women in Braunschweig, Germany.

Honestly, I didn't need to make her a dirndl- I could have made anything from a Wellie Wisher pattern- but I had already done the research on this dirndl and had been meaning to make it in 18 inch size for quite a few years now. And I already had the fabric I needed for this project on hand.

I liked her headpiece, so I left it alone, even though it did not match the colors.

I have used Keeper's Dolly Duds Spring Dirndl pattern before. This time, I used the Spring Dirndl pattern sized for 14.5 inch dolls.

It came together delightfully easily. It helped that I was already familiar with the pattern. 

I am really happy with the result!

I am also pleased that I can use the dress for Wellie Wishers or Hearts for Hearts dolls if I want.

I might make her a Ukrainian dress next. That would go well with the headpiece.

I also kind of want some of the other dolls in the series now!

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