Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Patterns for Kit Kittredge

I love sewing for Kit! There are so many reproduction 1930s fabric out there, and they are all so cute.
The fashions tend to use a minimum of fabric too, which makes them practical to sew!

Patterns on Pixie Faire:

Eden Ava Couture 1930s Hollywood Pajamas

Eden Ava Couture 1930s Ruffled Play Dress

Eden Ava Couture 1930s Vintage Dress

Eden Ava Couture Washday Accessories

Forever 18 Inches Drop-Seat Jammies

Genniewren 1930s Betsy Dress

Genniewren Ships Ahoy!

Heritage Doll Fashions 1930s Gathered Dress

Heritage Doll Fashions 1930s Vintage Dress

Kindred Threads Boy's Knicker Suit

Patterns on Etsy:

Keepers Dolly Duds 1930s Frock

Keepers Dolly Duds Bodice Details

Keepers Dolly Duds Coat Essentials

Bean Bunny 1930s Cuffed Dress

Bean Bunny 1930s Fairytale Dress

Bunny Bear 1930s Feedsack Dress

Bunny Bear 1930s Garden Party Dress

Bean Bunny 1930s Reproduction Apron

Bean Bunny Ruthie's Meet Dress

Bunny Bear 1930s Style Shirley Temple Dress

Bunny Bear 1930s Princess Seams Dress

Wren*Feathers Feedsack Fun

Wren*Feathers 1930s Farm Outfit

Wren*Feathers Stella by Starlight dress

Medwelch Nona's Delight

Hint of History 1930s Hooverette Dress

Mother of Nine Annie

Elsewhere on the Web:

All Dolled Up Sail Away

Dollhouse Designs Ruthie 1930s Coat

Dollhouse Designs Sleuth 30s Dress

My Cup Overflows FREE A-line Dress

Other inspiration for Kit can be found at The Bleu Door. This shows patterns for Bluette dolls from the 1930s, and you can search by year and decade.


  1. Pixie Faire also has Genniewren Ship Ahoy! http://www.pixiefaire.com/collections/genniewren/products/ship-ahoy-sailor-outfit-18-doll-clothes

    1. Good one, thanks for sharing! I will add it to the list.


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