Thursday, March 2, 2017


We had some snow, and I hurried to take pictures of the dolls that have winter coats out of doors!

 Anne actually owns a whole snow suit, but she didn't need it today.

I cannot imagine that the cloak is warm enough. It's lovely, though!

Kit's coat remains one of my favorites. She looks darling in it!

 Bo is adorable in the snow.

Melody kept falling over, so she got to make snow angels.

It's funny that my newest doll got the most trouble staying upright. (I don't think this is a quality issue; I think it's because I took her pictures a couple of hours later and the snow was less solid by then.)

I feel like these pictures are not especially creative, but I didn't want to damage the dolls by being too creative, either!


  1. I love doll pics in the snow! So cute:)
    I don't think you even need to be "creative" for snowy doll photos-and I agree, I'd be worried about damaging my dolls, too.
    My favorite pic is the first one of Melody and Bo:)


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