Thursday, February 18, 2021

Pattern Review: Addy's Nightgown

 I made Addy's classic nightgown from the Pleasant Company pattern.

I used real flannel, and it's very cozy for the freezing weather we have been having.

This is the second time I have made this pattern.

The first time was years ago, and one of the sleeve bands was too tight and didn't fit over her hand.

This time, I realized something that I am not sure I noticed last time.

The button placket is made by making a pleat from the front bodice piece. I have never seen this kind of construction before, it's a bit odd. It's so easy to cut a small piece of fabric and make the placket separately and not risk messing up the measurement of the bodice. 

Also, I  added a quarter inch to the bodice back to make sure that it could close easily, and I think that this was a good decision.

So this pattern has a few potential shortfalls, but it came out okay.

It doesn't have buttons yet. I don't have any white or clear buttons that are the right size.

I will wait till it's warmer and I can go shopping.

I am glad that I finally re-made this pattern, because I have wanted to for years. 

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