Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Yellow Doll Coat

 This coat is inspired by the yellow Prada coat worn by poet Amanda Gorman.

I used Simplicity pattern 8111. You can see the other coat I made from this pattern here.

I made my own pocket pattern by tracing around a lid of a pill bottle, folding the circle in half, and adding a quarter inch seam allowance on top of the semicircle.

I had a remnant of some yellow satin-type material left over from another project, and used that to line the coat. It was very difficult to work with, but it gives the coat a very luxurious feel.

I also made a red headband to go with it.

To make the headband, I cut a rectangle of red fabric 11.5 inches by one inch, did a seam along the edge, turned it inside out, and closed it by adding a half inch of elastic to both ends.

This is such a beautiful, powerful look for the middle of winter. I am really proud of how it turned out.

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