Friday, June 19, 2015

A Dress For River

I don't know why I find this size of doll so hard to sew for, I swear that the tiny Ai doll dresses are easier.

But anyway, here is a new dress for River! She can't resist dancing in it!

I used a Barbie dress pattern, and while it could use a few minor adjustments, it works overall.

The most important changes that I would make are moving the darts for the bust up and making them a bit smaller, and making the waist just a bit wider, like a quarter of an inch.

I did take in the seam under the armpits a bit also. The dress was too narrow at the waist but baggy on the top. 

This dress was something of a test- some day I would like to create outfits for her that are duplicates of those on Doctor Who.


  1. Sewing that tiny would be hard! It turned out great though, I love the dark green fabric you chose.

    1. Thanks! I think River mostly dressed in dark and neutral colors, so that is what I am trying to dress her in.


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