Sunday, June 21, 2015

American Girl Kaya

American Girl Kaya'aton'my has a place of pride in my collection- she is the only impulse doll purchase I have ever made. I always buy dolls that I have been thinking of for some time.

However, when I was on ebay looking at Addy, I saw this Kaya at a great price, who had an especially sweet expression. I fell in love.

I definitely don't regret my impulse buy. Kaya has such a special look- very sweet and serene.

One of my friends hates dolls that have teeth, so Kaya is the only AG doll that she likes.

As girls, my sister and I wanted a Native American American Girl doll so badly that we designed our own. Mine was named Anne, and hers was named Meg. They belong to the Cherokee Nation.

Anne and Meg were the second American Girl doll for both of us. I still have them both. They are glad to have another Native American Friend to hang out with!

Kaya is the eighth historical American Girl doll. She belongs to the Nimiipuu, also called Nez Pierce. I wish she had been released earlier! My sister and I would have loved playing with her.

My Kaya retains her back story from American Girl, but she likes wearing modern clothes too. Sometimes she wears clothes from other eras.

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