Saturday, June 13, 2015


Patience is one of the dolls that made me break my collecting-only-American-Girls rule.

She is an articulated doll made by Wilde Imagination, a branch of the Tonner Company.

She has an oversized head and flirty eyes. What does that mean? Her eyes move from side to side on their own! It is really fun. Sometimes they get a bit cross- eyed, haha.

My first Patience was Alice, or Wonderland Patience. I am a DORK when it comes to Alice in Wonderland.  Not the Disney movie, though.

Patience dolls, as it turns out, are like potato chips, and Alice soon had a friend. I will save her for another post.

I love Patience's sweet, innocent look. She has very impressive poseability, and she stands very well on her own.

Unfortunately, she is currently sold out at the Wilde Imagination website. I do not know if she is discontinued or not. Since all the dolls were sold out in a huge sale, it would seem that they are.
However, Robert Tonner hinted to someone that there will be more Patience dolls in the future! I really hope this is the case.
I would like to see more racial diversity in the line, and more face molds. That is my only complaint with it.

I will also admit that Alice's very styled and gelled curls scare me- I am afraid I will wreck it. She has rooted hair. At first I disliked the reverse widow's peak, but it has grown on me. Now I think it is quirky and fun.

Fingers crossed for more Patience in the future!


  1. I definitely understand why you would break that rule! She is adorable, I would love to see a review on her! I will have to look into the line more closely, they look very well made and have such a sweet expression!


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