Sunday, June 14, 2015

American Girl Mini Dolls

I was the target age for American Girl mini dolls when they were first released. They were targeted as dolls for your dolls.

I loved this idea, and my very spoiled Anne had her own American Girl dolls as soon as I could save up for them.

Of the original five minis, I do not have Molly or Josefina. I dislike Molly, and I do no like the mini Josefina.

The original minis have wigs and inset eyes, usually called glass eyes in the fandom. even though they are plastic.

Cute little Addy. She even has tiny earrings.

No one ever take pictures of Addy's hairstyle from the back. I wish they would.

Close- up of her tiny shoes!

Mini Samantha. The faces of these minis remind me of chipmunks, in a very cute way.

Mini Kirsten.

Mini Kirsten on the prairie!

The laces won't stay tied.

Mini Felicity. The elastic in her hair broke, and the soles of her shoes could use a spot of glue. but I am proud that I have not lost a shoe. They fall off constantly.
The ruffle at her neck and sleeves is way too big.

The American Girl minis have changed greatly since these came out, but I still prefer these.
 I think they are cute. 
I have some newer ones too, which I will share in due course.

These minis are exactly six inches tall. The new ones are even taller.

They are a good size to be big sisters to the Ai dolls! Sort of. Look how motherly Addy is!


  1. Your minis are adorable! I like the new BeForever minis, but they're the only ones I've been able to get into...

    1. I like certain ones of each style. But these are probably my favorites. :)


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