Sunday, July 26, 2015

Ai doll Hyacinth

I wanted to share more about my Ai dolls, and what they look like in the box.

I am focusing on Hyacinth, because I haven't shown her yet and it was easy to locate her box and accessories.

I got her at my local Tuesday Morning, where I first got hooked on Ai dolls. They didn't look as appealing in pictures on the Internet. My first one was Phlox (still my favorite), whom I took straight to work and showed a co-worker. She immediately ran to Tuesday Morning and bought Azalea.

The box is very nice and sturdy. It is cushiony inside, and it closes with a magnet.  The doll is held in place with ribbons, and is easy to get out, even though the knot under her chin can be hard to undo.

Hyacinth is a sleeping eye doll. She comes with a crochet-type bassinet, a bear hat, and a tiny toy bear.
The pillow is glued down inside the bassinet, and the bear hat does not fit her. It is mysterious to me anyway. Why wear a bear hat when you are sleeping?

Some of the Ai doll accessories are very mysterious indeed, especially the peach-shaped pillow that Phlox comes with. It is too big for her to put her arms around or do anything with.

I admit that the bassinet kind of sold me on this doll, and was a wise move for the Jun Planning Company. If you have a sleeping doll, you need a place to display it in.

She really is cute. Here she is trying to wear a hat that is too small.

Minus the hat.

Her dress opens in the front with velcro. She has matching bloomers on underneath. The underwear on the Ai dolls has a surprising amount of variety.

This is the closet I can come to taking her dress off unless I want to take it off permanently. The sleeve does not fit well over the fingers of that hand.  This gives you a better view of her joints. 
The underwear doe not come on and off.

The Ai dolls have a lot of posibility, which is somewhat wasted on a doll that sleeps all the time.

Here is the stupid bear hat- which does not have any eyes that I can see- and the stupid collar. The collar is not attached to the dress and does not lie flat. I hate it.

I actually took her wig off and used it and Bee Balm for a while, so I can say that the wig is also on the small size. It looks okay on Hyacinth, but it was really too small for Bee Balm.

Here are pictures of the two with their wigs switched.

At the moment I prefer them in their original wigs, but perhaps in the future I will buy Bee Balm a different black wig and hope that it fits better.

These dolls are really fun, and a great bargain for the price they were in Tuesday Morning. They are currently going for more on ebay and Amazon.


  1. These Ai dolls are just too cute - I'm not usually a fan of sleeping dolls, but this one has totally won me over! :)

    And nice work finding them at a discount store!

    1. Thanks! I was lucky to find them as I did. The Tuesday Morning near my work was the only one to stock them locally.


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