Monday, July 27, 2015

Electric Mayhem

I have always been a huge fan of the band the Electric Mayhem. I once told a boy in high school that it was my favorite band. He replied that he liked it too, but his mother had forbidden him to listen to it. Clearly he did not know it is a Muppet band. Hee hee.

Here we have two of the Palisades Muppet action figures, Janice and Scooter. Janice is the lead guitar player of the Electric Mayhem, and Scooter is the manager. Both characters were originally played by the wonderful Richard Hunt.

They look a bit funny next to each other, as they have totally different body types.

Janice is of course one of the very few female Muppets. She has always been one of my favorites.

Janice is a very cool, laid back hippy. "Look, Mother. It's my life, okay? So if I want to live on a beach and walk around naked...

Janice is so tall and skinny that she does not stand up well on her own. She came with a stand of course, and a guitar. I did not feel like digging through all of the accessories for her guitar.

She doesn't have a lot of articulation out of necessity, due to her extreme skinniness. She can move her arms, so she does not have any problem playing her guitar. 

Her hat is really cool, because it is held on with a magnet. It stays on perfectly and does not leave any mark behind if you take it off.

Scooter is a much more active guy, the "Gofer" who goes for coffee, and whose boundless enthusiasm echoes that of his performer, Richard Hunt.

His action figure reflects that and is ready for any kind of action.

He's actually kind of hard to photograph because of the angle of his eyes. I took these pictures at an angle.

Scooter and Janice look great from behind, too.

As always, I just love the detail on these figures. Yay for the Muppet Show logo!

I am making myself wish I had more of these guys!


  1. The detail on these figures is epic - they're so impressive. And I love that accessory-free Janice still looks like she's playing the air guitar!


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