Thursday, July 2, 2015

Sad vacation photos

I just had a wonderful vacation and I had the best time possible.

Why the blog post title?

I brought Jess all across the country because I wanted to get some pictures of her on the beach, despite the disapproval of my travel partner.

Well, my camera picked up on that attitude. Every time I tried to get her down to the beach, something went wrong with the camera. Either it ran out of memory or it claimed that it had no power left, even though later it continued to take non-doll pictures just fine.

So I only got two dolly pictures, out of the hundreds of pictures I took!

On the stairs- this photo was my bestie's idea.

I wanted to take a picture with her on top of this stone pillar, but it was too tall for me to reach!
 I am holding her up to the top of the pillar in this picture.

Here is the beach front sans doll.


Well, I get points for effort, right?

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