Monday, July 6, 2015

Gym Class Outfit: Pattern Review

Another day, another outfit!

This one is the Gym Class Outfit. It was designed by Doll Tag Clothing, and is sold by Pixie Faire.

Every Friday, Pixie Faire offers a free pattern for downloading on that day only, and this was last Friday's.

To be honest, I have a huge backlog of patterns to sew. But I had two T-shirts I was saving to cut up and sew, and this called for two kinds of knit fabric, so it was perfect!

To be honest, I struggle a bit with knits. I find that it is easier to sew knits that come from actual T-shirts instead of knits bought from the fabric store.

Also, in this case I used the finished bottom of the T-shirt, so I didn't have to finish the bottom of the fabric off myself.

This picture shows the pieces I cut out for the pants.

Here is the shirt, partially assembled.

The pattern was easy and quick, and very satisfying.

I made one mistake on the back of the pants and had to re-do, but that was totally my own error. The front of the pants were actually more complicated, and I did those without a hitch.

The finished product really looks great, and like something a real human girl would wear to the gym.

I took this picture to show the cute pink V on the front of the pants. I love this little detail- it really adds something to the outfit.

I actually didn't vote for this pattern in Freebie Friday, but now I am smitten!

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